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question.... [12 Mar 2006|02:46pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

ok, for those of you that have ever driven to Florida, I'm looking for some tips. aka, the best route to take, cities to avoid, etc. lemme know if you have any info.


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random shizzzz [18 Feb 2006|11:20pm]
[ mood | loved ]

so i finally received my authorization to test for my nursing boards.... i can schedule it anytime now. yeahhh.... except the website is down, so i'm just kinda killin time until i can actually schedule my test... but it looks like April 5th is the day. ugh, i just wanna get this overwith. merhhhh.

went to Art Van today.... i'm buying a new mattress. a KING size mattress. my shoddy little full bed that i've had since i was 5 just isn't cuttin it anymore. i'm just gonna bite the bullet & get a king. weeeee! :)

volleyball was SWEET this week. didn't look so hot at the beginning.... we only had 3 people show up at first & had to forfeit the first game. but then we got our 4th and proceeded to beat some major ASS. the other team had all their players, so we were playing 4 on 6 and seriously FLYING around the court. but, we tore it up & won 3 out of 4 games to take the match. good playin, Mare, that was badass. Jenn..... we miss you. come play with us again!

so i organized a pool at my work for the superbowl.... i sold squares for $5 a piece & we filled the board ($500). and...... i WON one of the quarters. where the money went, i have NO idea. there goes $125 in the blink of an eye. i can't manage time for shit, but i can organize like a mothafucka.

Valentine's Day was.... AMAZING.Collapse )

ughhh.... two 12 hour shifts in a row makes me feel like gumby. & eliminates all possibility for coherent thought. sorry for the rambling.

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i <3 Chauncey [24 Jan 2006|10:03pm]
[ mood | tired ]

holy shit, the pistons are so good. the score was seriously tied at 51 and now the score is 99-69. are you kidding me??? i mean, come on, DARKO is in. sweeeeet. i wanna go to a game soon.

& i also want a hot tub. in my life. right now.

work?? yeah. i am *completely* out of my element. i HATE that feeling, when you just can't get a handle on ANYTHING. arghghghg. damn you, type A personality. i hate not knowing what needs to be done and when. i just wanna make my to-do list and check things off. instead, i find myself doing 37 things at one time and taking forever to complete one damn thing. argh. i know.... i'll get used to it & be fine, but i can't help hating this feeling of being the one who doesn't know what to do next. uncomfortable is the best word to describe it.

holy SHIT, this pistons game just got even more ridiculous than it was before!!!!!!!!! and we have our benchwarmers in! good LORD. it's like watching the fucking harlem globetrotters play against a middle school girl's team. JEEEEZ. 107-83 was the final score.

ok, so i had these big plans that i was gonna come home from work & go to the gym. ummmm.... no. who was i kidding to think that i could work for almost 13 hours and be functioning on ANY level when i got home?? ha.

wait a minute. WAIT A MINUTE. did i just fucking miss american idol. sonofaBITCH!!!!!!!!!! :(

&&& i'm out. time to go study for boards.

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[16 Jan 2006|03:58pm]
[ mood | good ]

ATTN: Marianne Erwin!!!!!!!!

ok, i'm trying to figure out this NCLEX bullshit.

i have 2 applications here:
-application for registered nurse license
-NCLEX examination registration form

ummm.... am i supposed to send them in at the same time?? or do i have to send one in first???

HELP!!!!!! i feel SO retarded.


lemme know what the hell i'm supposed to be doing (since the school of nursing gave me NO direction whatsoever)

thanks!!!!!! :)

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[06 Jan 2006|06:53pm]
[ mood | cold ]

so the other night i got tanked off a bottle of wine & watched Texas take down USC (smug bastards). all i can say is: vince young, you ARE my hero.
i knew i should have bought that texas shirt from steve and barrys for $7.99. dammit. now all the texas shit will be more expensive. oh well, it probably would have jinxed them if i had actually bought the shirt before the game, but i'm weird like that.
& seriously.... usc loses & matt leinart says: "well whatever, i still think we're the better team"
texas wins and the first thing the coach says is: "let's congratulate an amazing usc team"
ummm.... class much?
anyway, i was so damn excited, i stayed up till 3 am watching sportscenter.
hook em horns!!

lost to the bitchiest team EVER in volleyball last night. dammit!

by the way:
Illicit: illegal
elicit: to bring forth

DAMMIT. cost us a question at cranium. redeemed myself with the spelling of LUSCIOUS.

anyway, it's frickin freezing in here, so i'm off to take a shower.

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sweet, sweet redemption [05 Jan 2006|01:56am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

fuck yeah, TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!

better update tomorrow... i've got more sportscenter to watch. :)

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[30 Dec 2005|01:38am]
[ mood | frustrated ]

this really sucks. i can't sleep.... even though i want to, even though i've tried. the past few nights have consisted of me retreating to the couch to watch laguna beach until i pass out & then waking up at 5 am to crawl into bed.


bad, BAD week for michigan sports. football was a DAMN shame. hah, saw that one comin.
and hockey? sad. SAD. um, can we stop sucking & be good again?? soon, please.

ok... laguna beach or tylenol PM? hmmmm.....

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[26 Dec 2005|11:22pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

So Christmas was good, minus the usual family drama. UGH.

The best present by far was my iPod nano. :) yeah, i've been playing with it for like the past 5 hours. Seriously, the most productive thing i did all day was go out to my car & get my new coffee maker so i could make a pot. sweet. i <3 vacation.

maybe tomorrow i'll venture out & exchange some things that i got, namely an assortment of ORANGE items that my mom bought me. no kidding: orange fleece, orange sweater, orange scarf, orange gloves. um, orange is good.... in moderation. i really like all the things she got me, just maybe i'll get different colors. i'm hoping the mall isn't insane tomorrow. i hate that.

so yeah, i'm lazy as hell today. and i love it. :)

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[22 Dec 2005|03:22pm]
[ mood | excited ]

i am so damn excited. on my first management exam, i got an 88%. not bad considering half the class failed! and i just got the grade for the final i took last week.... 95%. school of nursing, KISS MY ASS!
i am officially done with that hell hole. BOO-YAH

i'm done with my Christmas shopping & everything is wrapped. SO glad i don't have to set foot in the mall again.

tomorrow is my last day as a PCA at work. after tomorrow, i have a week off... then i have to work new years day (but it's ok cuz i get paid double-time and a half for it being a holiday).... then i have another week off.... then i start nursing orientation!!! good thing... this PCA job is killing my back. not to mention i'm getting a fatty raise when i start nursing. weeeeeeeeee! money!!!!!!!!! maybe i can start getting some of my credit card debt under control now. :)

volleyball double header tonight 7:30 & 8:40. 2 hours of volleyball, i am so excited!

anywho, volleyball is sweet, school of nursing sucks, & i have 2 weeks off coming up. yay.

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[08 Dec 2005|03:19pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

this past week has been INSANE:
friday: work 12 hrs
saturday: work 12 hrs
sunday: work 12 hrs
monday: give presentation
tuesday: work 12 hrs
wednesday: clinical all day

i'm so friggin exhausted.

i've been such a bum today. i just sat around and watched america's next top model for HOURS. oh well, at least i have volleyball today, so i won't be completely useless.

i FINALLY hooked up a land line at my apartment. my cell phone doesn't work very well in here & i got sick of dropping calls every 3 minutes.

aaaanyway, i'm gonna go be lazy for a while....

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[30 Nov 2005|01:06pm]
[ mood | fucking LIVID. ]

hey, school of nursing.....


i hate you.

fuck off


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[17 Nov 2005|10:50pm]
[ mood | content ]

ok so i was watching the apprentice tonight & they had this singer on there. needless to say, i fell in love. seriously, i've listened to this song like 500 times already. AND i'm excited cause his cd comes out tomorrow.

what can i say, i'm a sucker for good piano & an amazing voice. :)

so here's a link to the song:
then click on the song titled "just this good"

it's on this chick's website cause she wrote it with him & because the link on his website doesn't give you the full song.

this is his website where you can listen to other clips & such.

so anyway, listen.

sorry, i just get overly excited when i hear new music that i like. :)

while i was looking at his music i ended up on this random website www.cdbaby.com
i'd never heard of it before, but it's pretty cool cause you can search for artists by typing in someone you like & it'll give you ones that are like it. OR you can search by flavor, according to mood (music to play when life just sucks), occasion (to drink alone to), or for types of people (for stoners) hahahaha. anyway, yeah i've been on this website for like an hour. haha i'm ridiculous.

in other news, the annoying motherfuckers that live above me..... are MOVING OUT on saturday. YES. the answer to my prayers. thank you thank you thank you.
maybe my car wont be keyed anymore.
orrrrr maybe theirs will before they leave. muahahahaha.
just kidding.... kinda.

ok, time for bed, workin early tomorrow. then gettin up ASS early for tailgating on saturday morning.

sorry, longest post ever. you love it.

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[14 Nov 2005|03:31pm]
[ mood | bored ]

ugh. sucks when you're stuck at home & don't have a car.

i woke up at 9 (on my day off) to take my car into the dealership with hopes of getting it to stop farting every time i brake. so i'm stuck at home, bored as hell. i've been watching laguna beach for the past 2 hours... getting kinda hooked. must be nice to live the rich life haha.

so yeah....

the dealership just called, they're gonna be able to get the parts to fix my car tonight!!! AND, it's only gonna be $200 instead of the grand or more that i was anticipating. !!!!!!! not that i actually HAVE $200 right now, but whatever.

so i have a ticket for the Ohio State game on saturday, but i was supposed to work. so i was trying to get someone to switch days with me but i couldn't find anyone... so i looked on the schedule book and (miraculously) we have an extra person on that day. ok, that NEVER happens. we usually are at least a person *short*, especially on the weekend. what are the chances that on the day of the biggest game, there'd be an extra person on the shift?? so i asked my boss and she actually agreed to let me have the day off!!!!! so i'm goin to the game! :)

work is crazy, as usual. on friday i went in at 5:30 am and worked till 7:30 pm. NOT fun. i pretty much couldn't walk when i went home.

it's frickin freezing in here... i think my heat is broken. fuck.

i want my hair to grow back faster. i miss it.

my kitty is good, still cute. i bought a pair of shoes the other day & he made the box into a bed for him, even though he doesn't really fit in it, he tries.
picsCollapse )

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AND [29 Oct 2005|01:33am]
i don't have to work tomorrow

that is all.
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[29 Oct 2005|01:32am]
i suck at halloween
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[27 Oct 2005|10:02pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

dammit. lost our volleyball match tonight... and not by much. sucks that we had game 3 in the bag & they came back to win it. arghghghgh!! when we pull together & talk, we play a really good game. i wish we could just play every game like that. ahh, the season is young. we still have till May to get our team to start kickin ass. :)

i got an 88% on my management midterm. BOOYAH. school of nursing, kiss my ass!

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taking a break from studying [23 Oct 2005|04:16pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]

A to Z Me

A - Age you had your first kiss?
6th grade, so.... 12? valentine's day on the playground. SO embarrassing

B - Birthday?

C - Dream Car?
uhhh dunno, it changes yearly. i like the BMW Z3 convertibles though...

D - Dads name?

E - Easiest person to make you laugh?
hahahahah STROHMER.
example: here are the text messages i got from her last night-
*all the band directors are hot
*I hit the flask a bit during intermission
*I can see *****. he could be executed from this range
*the man flag was dancing in front of us

F - Food you eat most?
ummmm i eat salad at work a lot, & oatmeal for breakfast

G - Any encounter with ghosts?
not that i know of

did no one notice H was gone?

I - Interesting fact people don't know about you?
there are at least 10 people i am still friends with that i have known since we were 5, & one i've known since we were born.

J - Jumped in a pool with all your clothes on?
there was that one time at the Higgins' pool. jumping off the roof... i think we were all wearing clothes.

K - Kissing with eyes open or closed?

L - Last time you did something "bad"?
i am an angel. 0:)

M - Most memorable moment you can think of in a moment?
the last play of the Penn State game.... ridiculous.

N - Nickname?

O- Whats your most valued possession?
i used to hate my car, until i had to drive a '85 Neon for a week while my car was in the shop. i now love my car.

P - Person you last talked to on the phone?

Q - Last quote you heard?
you just gotta learn from it and move on

R - What are you allergic to?
penicillin, dustmites, & shrimp

S - Song you last sang?
gold digger

T - Time you woke up?
noon, playing hooky to study all day. ok and watch football. :)

U - U like who?
Brad & my girls

V - Vegetable you hate most?
ewww olives, TOMATOES.... ok anything slimy

W - What are you most afraid of?
spiders, tornados

X- X- rated love life?

Y - Yellowcard or Green Day?
Green Day

Z- Zodiac Sign?

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[18 Oct 2005|08:10pm]
[ mood | spent. ]

aww shit. i've been home for a half hour. sitting down was a bad call, i'm stuck to this chair. i don't think i have enough energy to even move from here to the couch. shit.

volleyball was fun last week, even though we only had 5 people!!! 7:30 this week. jenn, mare? you guys comin? we need another girls night.

uhhh that's all i got. clinical tomorrow, work friday saturday sunday.

time to go eat some leftover chinese for dinner. :)

peace out

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trouble [07 Oct 2005|09:43pm]
[ mood | amused ]

oh he looks innocent, but don't let him fool you....

THIS is what my cat does while i'm at work all day.

title or description
title or description
title or description
title or description

no roll of toilet paper is safe

i'd get mad, but he's too damn cute

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[07 Oct 2005|12:25am]
[ mood | hyper ]

k- i need a box.
j- i have a box.
k- well so do i, but i can't put my sandwich in it.
j- sure ya could.

ohh i love girls nights.

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